L2XB Custom H5 PvE MultiSkill Server

Unique Features:

  • Armors, Weapons, and Jewels: Each item comes with special stats and unique skills.
  • Accessories: Cloaks, shirts, wings, shields, and headgear provide extra power.
  • Custom Bracelet: Unlock 6 talisman slots with no time limits.

Exciting Events:

  • Participate in events like CTF (Capture the Flag), TvT (Team vs. Team), Elpies Race, Squash, and Farmer for fun and rewards.

Special Rewards:

  • Champion mobs drop event medals for the Augment Shop.
  • Earn Vote Coins for special items in the GM Shop, vote buffs, and premium accounts.

Boost Your Experience:

  • XP/SP Rates: Start with x10 rates and increase them further with the Vote Manager and Custom Bracelet.
  • Scheme Buffer: Enjoy unlimited buffs for 5 hours.
  • MultiSkill: Learn new skills from the Race NPC and Skill Shop.
  • Rebirth System: Gain Rebirth Skills with the Rebirth Manager.

Weekly Competitions:

  • Heroes are crowned every week with opportunities to become a custom hero from the NPC.

Flexible Economy:

  • Farm and vote to acquire everything you need.